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how I wear art is none of your business

"The difference between people with tattoos and people without tattoos is that people with tattoos don’t give a shit if you don’t have any."


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Apple Officially Discontinues the iPod Classic


The original iPod music player debuted 13 years ago, in October 2001. It remained one of Apple’s core product categories over the years, despite declining sales and a world of listeners increasingly more reliant on streaming subscription services. Now, as Apple moves into larger-screen smartphones and wearable devices for our wrists with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch on Tuesday, a standalone MP3 player has become too antiquated to keep alive.

When Apple’s online store came back online this afternoon at around noon Pacific, the iPod classic — the company’s last touchscreen-less music player that first debuted in 2007 — was gone.

It’s no surprise that Apple bid farewell to its sixth-generation iPod. The device eventually held as much as 160 GB of music and accounted for a healthy chunk of the 54.83 million iPod units shipped at the division’s sales peak in 2009. Yet those numbers began steadily sliding downward as Apple’s iPhone and competing Android smartphone sales began to eat into the MP3 market, while new device form factors like the iPad tablet carved out a new product niche.

Through all that the iPod classic persevered. Thanks to a diminishing price tag — $249 for the 160 GB by September 2009 — and position among music enthusiasts as the best all-purpose gadget for those that want a no-frills MP3 player, the iPod classic held a nostalgic place in Apple fans’ hearts. Oh, and who could forget the beloved click-wheel.

The iPod Touch, which debuted in 2007, nine months after the first iPhone, claimed the title of most popular iPod in recent years. That device, which resembles Apple’s smartphone line minus the cellular connection, hasn’t undergone a major overhaul since the fall of 2012, the same time Apple introduced the iPhone 5. It lacks many features found in the newer iPhones, including a TouchID fingerprint sensor and an updated processor that supports more intensive apps and gaming.


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The best relationships are the ones you don’t expect to be in, the ones you never saw coming.


Can we please, please talk about or at least acknowledge Simone Battle? A 25 year old black female singer who just committed suicide a few days ago? 

High profile suicides are always white girls. Black girls’ stories are always swept aside. Please, let’s not let Simone Battle’s go unnoticed.